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Superintendent's Message

The Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma (STEDY) is up and running and has received tremendous support from our community and industry partners. We cherish these relationships and understand these partnerships bring tremendous value.

Our mission is to provide students with the necessary opportunities to learn skills so they are prepared to enter the work force. Our partnerships help guide us to know what skills students need to enter into the field. They provide internship opportunities for students to encounter real-world experiences as well as provide high skilled training opportunities for teachers (educational externships). Most importantly, it is through our partnerships we establish relationships so we can together build a strong economy.

An academically integrated curriculum with career and technical education skill-based components prepare students to become contributing members of society. Our partners help to identify employability requirements and skills students need to master for successful and a seamless transition to the workplace. They also help STEDY establish an intentional sequence of technical and academic courses spanning both secondary and postsecondary education.

Interest and support for funding education has been a "hot topic" over the past few months. Most recently our legislators and state executive office have been exploring ways to adequately fund education. Our policymakers have also begun to recognize the value of career and technical education opportunities. In fact, a CTE course is now required for graduation from high school. Furthermore, they are beginning to recognize the detrimental effect of inadequate funding (ranked 50th in the nation) for education. Therefore, our next steps are to establish partnerships with policymakers at all levels to work to advance opportunities not only for overall funding, but for students to engage in career and technical education. This will strengthen the links between career technical education and the labor market. With your help, we will continue to partner with policy makers to make adequate education funding a top priority.

It is with a warm heart I thank all those that support and partner with the Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma (STEDY). Bringing industry and education together will support our mission of preparing today's students for tomorrow's workforce.

Please let me know how we can move forward together.

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What is S.T.E.D.Y.?

S.T.E.D.Y. is the Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma. We are a public high school district. Students in Yuma County are able to attend STEDY if they are attending high school and are under the age of 22 and have not yet graduated from high school or earned a GED.

We provide tuition-free career and technical education at one of our Central or Satellite locations, to all sophomore, junior and senior level high school students in Yuma County that are interested in learning more about accounting, agriculture, automotive and construction technologies, culinary arts, cyber-criminology, digital photography, drafting, entertainment marketing, film and TV, graphic design, nursing, software development, sports medicine and more. Students who enroll in S.T.E.D.Y. programs may earn high school credit on their home campus, and in some cases, may earn college credit, industry certifications, and/or a state license at Arizona Western College. It is recognized that possession of an industry certificate, and/or a state license will provide students with a head start in their career choice. S.T.E.D.Y. was formed to help students find a faster way forward in life.

As a career and technology public school district, we work closely with the Arizona Department of Education. All courses offered by S.T.E.D.Y must be approved by the Career and Technical Education Division (CTE) of the Arizona Department of Education. Provided students are enrolled in a public, charter, or private school, or are home schooled in Yuma County, any student can "dual enroll" in an S.T.E.D.Y. program.

A skilled workforce is critical to Yuma's economic health. To promote and support this, S.T.E.D.Y. works collaboratively with community shareholders to inspire students to make a successful transition from school-to-career and become contributing members of society.

We know to help today's students be prepared for tomorrow's workforce, it is our obligation to work closely with business and industry to offer students internships, job shadowing and work experience. We understand the role businesses (both large and small), play in our mission. Therefore, we call upon industry experts to provide students with information and relevant training for industry certifications.

The Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma is prepared to help students meet their academic and career aspirations.