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Workforce Development Council

The Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma (STEDY), a Career Technical Education District (CTED), firmly believes that one of the most common characteristics associated with quality programs in career and technical education is their link with the business community. Workforce Development committees are one of the most effective ways to develop and strengthen such industry partnerships.

Local /district workforce development committees are designed to increase the participation of the public in local and community-based career and technical education (CTE) programs; to assist in maintaining high standards in all programs; and to provide greater cooperation between career and technical education in the private sector in:

  • Preparing individuals for college and career opportunities
  • Promoting quality career and technical education
  • Making career and technical education more responsive to, and reflective of, both the labor market and business industry standards.

Role of the Committee

Workforce Development committees have three major roles:

To Advise – The Workforce Development committee assesses specific areas of the career and technical education program and makes suggestions and recommendations designed to improve that specific area. Such recommendations could include the modification of the curriculum, purchase of new instructional materials or equipment, or adoption of new program policies and procedures.

To Assist – The Workforce Development Committee helps the instructor and /or administrator carry out specific activities. These activities could include judging competitive skills events, Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO’s), setting up a scholarship program, obtaining media coverage for special events, or other activities that expand and /or enhance the CTE program.

To Support and Advocate – The Workforce Development Committee promotes the career and technical education program throughout the community. Promotion and marketing could include talking to legislatures, speaking for career and technical education at board meetings, writing articles for local newspapers, or arranging publicity with the assistance of the STEDY staff.