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The Industrial Internet

Although STEDY's primary mission is to support students interested in career and technical education, don't assume this "vocational" intent is the same as it once was. The vocations of "yester-year," such as those in manufacturing, were considered to be low skilled, low pay and forever associated to be part of the industrial revolution. Today, vocations even those in manufacturing, require highly technical expertise. As a matter of fact, there are some that say we are entering a new industrial revolution as a result of the exponential growth in technology. The "industrial internet" will create a smarter factory floor connecting people and machines across society. This will lead to more efficient and faster collaboration reshaping global labor markets. The outdated perception of the dirty shop floor is now replaced by "clean rooms" yielding well paid careers for those that possess the hands-on skills and certifications. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an industrial production manager in manufacturing is $92,470, while a mechanical engineer in manufacturing earns a median salary of $83,060.

Manufacturing is essential for economic prosperity. It contributes more to the economy than any other economic sector. Today's manufacturing needs to be supported more than ever. Due to the retirement of baby boomers and applied advance technologies requiring higher capabilities it is said that close to two million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled. 

We are looking to the future to train students for jobs of tomorrow; to contribute to the community by providing a talented, skilled manufacturing workforce and to provide those students with an interest in manufacturing a competitive advantage. The intent of STEDY is to equip a new generation of employees with the skills to succeed on the 21st century "shop floor."