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STEDY Family and Friends

Dear STEDY Family and Friends,

We want to express our deepest appreciation for all the determination and support you provided the Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma (STEDY) regarding the restoration of JTED funding

We are incredibly grateful for all of the people who have supported us and contacted their legislators. We are especially grateful for our legislators (Senators Don Shooter and Lynne Pancrazi and Representatives Charlene Fernandez and Lisa Otondo) who have prioritized CTE in an unprecedented, unanimous repeal of the cut. Now, we are excited to announce the Governor has signed the bill into law.


The restoration of funding means STEDY will be in a position to honor our full commitment of financial support to career and technical education for thousands of students throughout Yuma County. We believe there is no better investment in America's future than to help our young people get the education they will need to succeed in the 21st century.


We are grateful for all you have done, and pledge our best efforts in continuing this service. Please accept our warmest heartfelt thanks.