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STEDY Comes to the Completion of our First Year in Operation

Look how far we’ve come! As we approach the end of our school year, we were reflecting on how far, how fast we have progressed this year. STEDY has come to the completion of our first year in operation. With that, please see some of the things we were up to in our first year. While the list below is broad, it is not complete. To mention everything STEDY has accomplished would be tedious. Many items on the list may seem rather negligible, never-the-less they are a “first” and represent a landmark for STEDY....



July 2015


  • Governing Board approved Superintendent
  • Office set up – computers, network, work stations
  • Became member of the Arizona School Boards Association Adoption of Governing Board Policies
  • Began collaboration with all Arizona joint technical education districts (JTED’s)
  • Submission of first annual budget


August 2015


  • Support personnel hired
  • Began social media campaign
  • Toured member school districts
  • Began JTED funding restoration campaign
  • Established relationships with community leaders and organizations (GYEDC, YEA, YPIC, CHAMBER, ROTARY, Legislators)
  • Developed attendance reporting protocol with member districts
  • Established central programs at AWC


September 2015


  • Program approval from the Arizona Department of Education - statement of assurance for 37 Programs
  • Supported CTE – student organizations (Skills Regional Conference)
  • Boardsmanship training for governing board
  • Collaboration with member school districts
  • Participant CTE Fair at AWC
  • Arizona School Board Association Law Conference


October 2015


  • Participant in Yuma Youth Town Hall
  • Scottsdale Innovative Conference
  • Developed program evaluation instrument
  • Participant in community Advisory Board Committees
  • Inter-Governmental Agreements with member districts
  • Started partnership with charter schools: Desert View, Educational Opportunity Center, AZ-Tech


November 2015


  • First students accepted in a Central Program
  • Implementation of communication plan (website, newspaper, flyers, newsletter, radio)


December 2015


  • First Inter-Governmental Agreement with AWC Finalized
  • Memorandum’s of Agreement's with charter districts finalized
  • First CTE Expo
  • Finalized funding protocol with member districts



January 2016


  • Students attend classes at first central programs at Arizona Western College
  • Developed enrollment process for collaboration central program students
  • First student orientation for Collaborative Central Programs at Arizona Western College
  • Established relationship with Yuma Regional Medical Center to start new central programs in allied health
  • New Board member sworn in


February 2016


  • Advocated for new legislation regarding funding
  • Supported students competing in CTE competitions (Skills USA)
  • Master of Ceremony for Science Expo at AWC
  • Judge at Science Expo at AWC
  • Governor visits Yuma
  • First distribution of JTED funds (Yuma Union HSD $2.1 million in CTE funding and Antelope Union HSD $200 thousand)
  • Participant in the Yuma Youth Town Hall


March 2016


  • State approved new legislative language - SB 1525 passed.
  • Began planning for new central programs – coding/software development and allied health professions (implementation Fall 2017)


April 2016


  • Supported students in Skills USA Competition in Phoenix
  • Supported Teacher of the Year program
  • Collaborated with Arizona @ Work regarding the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act and the Youth Career Connect grant
  • Coordinated fall programs with member district high school counselors


May 2016


  • Central program classes ended
  • Established internship opportunities for students
  • Relocated and furnished new office (stayed within 50% of budget)
  • Contributor to the Gear Up program
  • Administer Student Surveys
  • Arizona Western College Graduation
  • Satellite Graduations


June 2016


  • Support students go to Skills USA national competitions
  • New Governing Board member sworn in
  • Implement enrollment campaign for 2016-2017 school year