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Wow! What journey we have been on in the last five months. One day last March, teachers at STEDY were preparing for students to take their industry certification exams in person and then the next day teachers were serving our students with on-line instruction. Never, did we expect to hear phrases like “new normal,” “social distancing” or “hybrid instruction” referred to as often as they are today.

School leaders are faced with the daunting challenge of educating students in the middle of a global pandemic. In 33 years as a professional educator I have never been faced with such an incredible challenge. No one, I know, was ever prepared for such an event. And at the same time we have never wavered from our responsibility to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce.

That in mind, STEDY will be starting the 2020-2021 school year on-line and will continue with this instructional modality at least for the first semester. Students will be expected to “attend” their on-line course each day, Monday through Thursday. Teachers will still be taking attendance, collecting work, assigning projects and assessing student work daily.

We have chosen to go on-line to help parents and students navigate their classes at our member districts. STEDY partners with the local high school districts (referred to as our “partner districts”), providing resources and support to their CTE programs. Once students complete their instruction at their high school during the day, they would normally attend STEDY in the late afternoon. However, the scheduling at the students schools has been modified. Therefore, STEDY has had to pivot and offer instruction on-line.  

STEDY will continue with on-line instruction as long as the schedule at our partner districts service students with a modified schedule. After which, when the schedule returns, STEDY students will receive instruction as they had in the past, in-person.

Teachers are preparing high quality engaging lessons using instructional strategies that will be delivered on-line. They are receiving on-going professional development through a variety of resources to ensure they are prepared for the 2020-2021 school year. We are confident the instruction of STEDY students receive will be as equally effective as it had been when classes were face-to-face.

In June, STEDY employed a professional cleaning service to sanitize our entire campus with a state-of-the-art sanitation system. Furthermore, hand sanitizers have been installed throughout building, along with signage. Teachers and students will be expected to practice good social hygiene.  

STEDY, is a free career and technical education (CTE) public high school district, teaching students skills to earn industry certifications. Our mission of preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workforce satisfies another new expression: “essential worker.” Students in career and technical education are the new talented skilled workforce that will support our community, our state, our nation with the necessary services to leverage us to a “new normal”.

If you have specific questions, such as the times of on-line classes, distribution of materials, collection of assignments, orientation, etc., please call us at (928) 366-5884 or visit us at You can also email our Student Services Representative, Mrs. Rosa Garibay at We have also posted the STEDY COVID-19 Protocol to our website for more information.