Legendary Teacher Day

Legendary Teacher Day is Thursday, September 27, 2018.

Celebrate Legendary Teacher Day

The first step in celebrating a legendary teacher is to reflect on your education. With the three tenets of a legendary teacher in mind:

  • Building relationships
  • Engaging deeply with students
  • Creating high expectations

On Thursday, September 27, 2018, we are asking our community members to reflect on your teachers who pushed you. Reflect on your teachers who held you accountable. And, reflect on your teachers who went above and beyond and invested in your personal success. At this point, you have likely identified a number of your teachers over the years who have collectively contributed to your academic success. 


If your legendary teacher is currently teaching, reach out to them personally. Be sure to cite the specific reason that they are your legend.


If the teacher is inactive or retired, please send your tribute to the principal of the school where your legendary teacher influenced you.


We would also like to encourage you to post your legendary teacher tribute on social media. Be sure to include the all important  #legendaryteacher in your posting.

Finally, please visit and provide a tribute.