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IMPORTANT Parent and Student Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma is now ready to provide your student with our on-line instruction.

To take advantage of our on-line instruction, our teachers will be sending you and your student an invitation to participate. If
you have NOT received any communication from your student’s teacher by Monday, April 6, 2020 please call (928) 366-
5884 and we will make sure your student is ready to receive instruction.

We are excited to continue to engage our students. The teachers and staff have been working hard to ensure student success. However, in the event your student’s instructional needs are not being met, please call me personally at (928) 366-5897.

As this may be a new experience for you and your student, I have included some tips for success, ways you may be able to support them. Whether it is classroom direct instruction or our virtual instruction, you are an integral part of your student’s education. While this new instructional delivery method does not necessarily require you to be their teacher, it does mean that some of your actions can have an impact on their success.

Stay Involved

Just as with the normal school year, our teachers are available by email and phone for as long as your child is their student. We are encouraging you to check in periodically to review:

  • Course materials

  • Grade

  • Instructor announcements

  • Assignment feedback

Staying involved will show your child that you have an interest in their education, which can directly impact their success by boosting their self-confidence.

Motivate Them toward Success

Students continuing in their STEDY program through our new instructional delivery method will have a sense of control. This opportunity will allow them with the opportunity to take ownership of their education and is likely to inspire a strong sense of motivation. However, you can take this a step further.

Motivation can be anything from establishing a goal, like studying for one hour every night, to praising them for their accomplishments. Offering incentives and celebrating achievements shows your student that you’re proud of the work they’re doing and it makes sure their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

A main reward of participating in a STEDY program highlights the benefits of an education. Earning a certification through a STEDY program provides the “why” to students, provides the rationale. Reinforcing the importance of learning industry skills to earn an industry certification WILL impact their future. Please help reinforce this importance concept as you encourage son/daughter to succeed.

Helping your student realize the importance of earning an industry certification will set them up for a strong work ethic that will carry them through to their eventual careers.

Create a Comfortable Learning Environment

Since your child won’t be in a typical school setting, they’ll need an area of their own where they can focus on their coursework and study without any distractions.

During this challenge, a public place won’t necessarily be the best choice. Working from home is the best possible choice, especially if you can help them create their own unique space by providing:

  • Necessary equipment: Priority of the use of the family computer, and internet access. We will have a laptop for you to check out from STEDY in the event one is needed.

  • Distraction-free zone: Avoid setting up their space in a high-traffic or loud area of the house, like the kitchen.

  • Comfortable surroundings: Make sure they have enough room and a cozy place to sit so that they can focus undisturbed.

A regular workspace that your child can count on will help instill structure and consistency in their study habits.

The support you give your student during this challenge can put them on the right track for success in the future.

Please continue to visit our website ( or social media sites (@STEDYaz) for the latest information. Or please do not hesitate to call us at (928) 366-5884 if you need additional information or have any questions.

Respectfully, C. Kevin Imes
Superintendent, Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma