Collaborative Central Program Admission

Withdrawal/Drop procedure

Any student who wishes to add or drop a STEDY Central Program after the first day of scheduled classes must complete the Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal Form and procure signatures from the instructor; parents, home school administrator and STEDY administration as indicated on the form. Students will only be allowed to add/drop a STEDY Central Program during the specified time as published by STEDY. Students who drop STEDY courses after the first scheduled day of classes may be held accountable for all or a portion of the Arizona Western College tuition paid by STEDY for that student. Students who plan to drop a STEDY course and fail to complete the Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal Form; including all signatures, will be automatically dropped from the course at the end of 10 consecutive absence days. Students who fail to complete the add/drop form may be held accountable for reimbursing STEDY for all tuition/fees paid for Arizona Western College Credit.