Collaborative Central Program Admission

Registration FAQ's

What is the registration process after acceptance into a central program?

After the student receives information about acceptance into AWC, he or she must complete all STEDY Admission Forms found at


What happens after the STEDY application form is turned in?

The counselor will let the student know if he or she is accepted into the Central Program or placed on a waiting list.


Is there a tuition cost to enroll in a STEDY Central Program course?

No! STEDY is a public school district; there is no tuition if the high school student resides in the STEDY District boundaries (Yuma County). However, it is important to note, students are responsible for a $25 or $50 Registration Fee depending on program.


Is it possible to apply after the deadline?

Yes! Please still apply. Students will be placed on the waiting list behind the applications submitted by the deadline.


How do I get additional information?

If you have specific questions, your counselor is knowledgeable about STEDY and will help answer questions. Or, you can call the STEDY District Office at (928) 366-5884.