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Central Program Courses


Courses are designed to enable students to earn an Industry Standard Certification.

Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma (STEDY) programs are open to all stu​dents beginning in the 10th grade, who reside within the boundaries of Yuma County. Students who enroll and participate in STEDY Central Campus programs are eligible to attend STEDY programs up to their 22nd birthday and if they have not graduated from High School.

Student Interest

December - April: Student Interest

Speak to your high school counselor about which STEDY CTED program will work best for you to pursue your future career. Many STEDY programs may be located on your school campus. STEDY also offers programs at STEDY Central Campus location as well as at Arizona Western College. Your high school counselor or a STEDY CTED staff member can help you choose which of these programs is best for you.

High School Programs:

Cibola High School
(928) 502-5721

Gila Ridge High School
(928) 502-6430

Kofa High School
(928) 502-5562

San Luis High School
(928) 502-6216

Vista High School
(928) 343-2521

Yuma High School
(928) 502-5021

Antelope High School
(928) 785-3344

Programs at STEDY: